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The NSW and Australian Governments have jointly established the Western City & Aerotropolis Authority to facilitate the design and delivery of the Western Sydney Aerotropolis and support the growth of the Western Parkland City.

Established under the Western Sydney City Deal, which was signed by all three tiers of government in March 2018, the Authority will begin by designing and overseeing delivery of the metropolitan centre of the Aerotropolis, to be established on 114 hectares of Australian Government land at Bringelly.

The Western Sydney Aerotropolis will be a global employment centre attracting international investment and delivering jobs, education opportunities, and enhanced liveability for all residents of the Western Parkland City.

The Authority is leading master planning and delivery of the Aerotropolis and will undertake planning for key strategic sites across the Western Parkland City in collaboration with the councils of the Western Parkland City.

The Aerotropolis will be the catalyst for creating the 200,000 jobs committed to by the three levels of government when creating the Western Parkland City through the Western Sydney City Deal.

Two maintenance people working on a aeroplane engine in a hangar