The Western Sydney Airport, currently under construction, brings with it a once in a generational opportunity: the chance for community, investors and local businesses to define their place in a thriving Aerotropolis.

The Aerotropolis is a 11,200 parcel of land immediately surrounding the new airport and is strategically located on the edge of Sydney and within one of the fastest-growing regions in the country, Western Sydney.


Why was Western City & Aerotropolis Authority established?

Capitalising on the development of the new airport, the aerotropolis will become the City’s fourth metropolitan centre, joining Liverpool, Campbelltown-Macarthur and Greater Penrith as the hubs of the Western Parkland City. It will support new jobs, health, education and lifestyle opportunities across the 11,200-hectare Aerotropolis precinct. More


How is the Aerotropolis different to the Western Parkland City?

The Western Parkland City is made up on the council areas of Penrith, Liverpool, Campbelltown, Hawkesbury, Wollondilly, Camden, Fairfield and Blue Mountains, and  incorporates the existing centres of Liverpool, Greater Penrith and Campbelltown‑Macarthur, with the new Airport and Aerotropolis geographically at its centre. More

What other government agencies are responsible for planning and delivering the new city?

An Airport and Aerotropolis requires a whole of government approach to planning and delivery. This involves the three levels of government; Australian Government, the NSW State Government and the eight Local Councils. More

Where does the City Deal, signed by the three levels of Government fit into this?

The Australian and NSW Governments, together with eight local governments of Western Sydney, signed the Western Sydney City Deal on 4 March 2018. More


What does it mean for jobs in Western Sydney?

The NSW government has committed to create 200,000 jobs  in and around the Western Sydney Aerotropolis. The new city will attract investment from major Australian and global businesses and create opportunities for start-ups and SMEs leveraging university research and develop facilities that incubate their cutting-edge ideas. The precinct will encourage expansion into other industry sectors and provide access to industry networks across NSW.

What will the Aerotropolis look like?

A significant amount of work is being completed by the Western City & Aerotropolis Authority to understand globally what it takes to build a thriving well connected city. More information will become available as this planning develops.

Will there be residential opportunities for people to live near the Aerotropolis?

The Northern Gateway zone of the Aerotropolis precinct has been earmarked for mixed use including residential. Other areas will be released in and around the precinct over the subsequent years.

Is there a timeframe for achieving a fully-fledged city?

The initial zones include the Aerotropolis core, Northern Gateway and Agri-business precinct. These zones will be the in focus to ensure they are up and running when the new Western Sydney International Airport opens in 2026. The city will continue to be developed over the following years.

How big will the Aerotropolis be?

Over the next 20 years, Western Sydney's population is expected to grow by another million, contributing to more than half of Sydney's overall expected population growth. More


The government has announced it has signed a number of MoUs with foundational partners, what does that mean? 

The MoUs are agreements with major Australian and international organisation to collaborate in the design of the advanced manufacturing and agri-precinct zones and the technologies and infrastructure to deliver a modern and liveable new city. More

How can local businesses get involved?

Local businesses will form the supply chain for businesses locating at the Aerotropolis.  They will also have increased opportunities to service the growing population.

Will there be an opportunity for the community to shape how the new city will look?

The Western City & Aerotropolis Authority will develop a Master Plans, initially for the two precincts: aerotropolis core and the agri-precinct for the Aerotropolis, which will be exhibited for public feedback in 2020. More

How can I stay across the latest news and events?

Subscribe to the Western City & Aerotropolis Authority’s newsletter at www.wcaa.sydney for the latest information, and follow the Authority on social media.

An overhead view of a roadway construction site