What other government agencies are responsible for planning and delivering the new city?

An Airport and Aerotropolis requires a whole of government approach to planning and delivery. This involves the three levels of government; Australian Government, the NSW State Government and the eight Local Councils.

The Greater City Commission has completed the metropolitan planning for the Greater Sydney region. The key strategic plans prepared by the Commission include A Metropolis of Three Cities - the Greater Sydney Region Plan is the 40-year vision underpinning each of the 20-year District Plans.

The Local Councils are required to undertake a more granular level of planning specific to their local area that align with the directions and strategies of the District Plans.

To streamline the local planning process, the eight local councils have come together under the Planning Partnership for the Western Parkland City.

In parallel, each of the Local Councils are independently undertaking their Local Strategic Plans which take into consideration what the surrounding airport and Aerotropolis will mean for their area.

Western City & Aerotropolis Authority will deliver the Aerotropolis precinct with a specific focus on the initial three zones.

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